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HANN Crumpled Shawl (Defect Item)- Dusty purple

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Pacca's signature shawl is back for the 4th time special for this upcoming Eid. You must know this shawl if you've been following us since we started. This is our speciality. This particular product is what makes us known for who we are today, World's #1 Oversized Crumpled Wideshawl. It's going to be quite busy during Eid so a nice comfy shawl would do the trick. We bring you the widest range of colour so far! Our customers gave up on other shawls and choose to wear Hann every single day. The versatility is just beyond compare. Will you Raya in casual with PACCA this year?

Material : Crumpled Viscose Cotton

Measurement : Approx (2m x 1.4m - 2m x 1.5m)

-measurement can be slightly smaller or bigger due to the crumpling effect. Hope for your understanding.

- 100% ironless

- fringes on all sides

- dries fast


"There is no perfect shawl". Crumpled Shawls are meant to have flaws.

1. Quality slightly differs between each shawls and batches

2. Slight difference in crumple intensity between individuals

3. Measurement differs between individuals but every piece is oversized

4. Some pieces have 2-colour tones on one shawl. This is a common thing in crumpled shawls and we do not consider them as defected shawls. The difference of the 2 colours are not obvious.

5. There might be minor defects on the shawls that we do not consider as defects as the size of the shawl is very large

6. The shawl is not in a perfect rectangle shape. Some edges are longer than the other or vice versa

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